TI3 Shards Game "4 player"

Greetings and Salutations to you Mr.Topic reader!
I see you have stumbled uppon the mighty Thread.

Hello, my name is Kriss, or Aruze to some.
im here to recruit 3 players to play a TI3 Shards game over Vassal Live.

if you are interested in joining the wonderful world of warships and space pirates,
Damsels in distress and other epicness, please leave your name after the beep.


We will ofcourse decide on the Game time be it Tomorrow, today or a Week from now.
everyone will have an equal say about what rules will be applied, be it House rules or certain things you
want to leave out.

for those of you who do not have the Module please go to this link:
vassalengine.org/wiki/Module … the_Throne

Game is Probably on for tomorrow, ive got one spot left.
also depends on the weather and whatnot if people decide to bail.

I’ll just reuse this thread. Anybody up for a game within the 5 hours? I’d be available. Send me a PM. Perhaps we could get a 3+ game going.

im up =)