"To Be King" CCG in Serious Need of Play Testers

After 25 years of revisions, re-builds from scratch, developing both a board game and a card game, “To Be King” finally has a decently built module that is in alpha testing. This is a CCG version …I’m going to wait on a board game version for Vassal 4. The previous board game version that was available for download was a total travesty that I am definately not proud of and it is no longer available. I’ve learned a few things since then.

Anyway, I could really use some play testers. So, if you like D&D style fantasy, adventure, strategy card games, drop by the…

Official To Be King Website

…and, perhaps, you might be interested in helping us out.

Happy Gaming

Still looking for play testers and just players in general. I think we’ve worked out most of the game killer bugs and I’ve added a Game Mechanics page to the web site to give everyone a more in-depth idea of what the game is all about. So, come on by and have some fun.

Official TBK Website

Due to the incredibly underwhelming response in getting players for the private gaming group version of To Be King, I’ll be replacing all the artwork with public domain art, art made specifically for the game, or, in many cases, no artwork at all, to produce a publicly downloadable version of the game. Mechanically, I shouldn’t have to really do anything (except fix the occasional bug) but it will probably take a few weeks for me to modify all the graphics.

If you have an inkling of an interest to play the private version of the game beforehand, the TBK Group will always be there so feel free to join us anytime.