Tokyo Express

Anyone like to try this out PBEM? I have owned the game for years but never played it!
Not even sure it is suitable for PBEM but would like to find out.

Have game and played many times a number of years back, not even sure about 2-player. Was a solo game as I recall.

The game is mainly intended to be solitaire but there are rules at the end of the book covering adapting it for 2 players. I will download the Vassal module and see if it is geared up for 2 players and come back to you.

I really wanted to give it a try becuase the subject is one I am very interested in being a naval wargame fan. That’s why I bought the game in the first place but as a solitaire game it seemed a bit heavy going when I read through the rules. Hopefully with 2 players we could work it our, especially if you have played it a few times.