Tonkin, Fatal Alliance III or Balance of Power anyone?

New to Fatal Alliance III and Balance of Power. Would like to start with smaller scenarios and work up to the campaign game for these two. I’ve played Tonkin before but would not mind doing a warm-up game before the campaign game.

I would like to do live vassal with skype and I’m looking for someone who could start around 8 PM and go for about 2-3 hours once a week. Tuesdays and Thursday nights are already spoken for.

Sorry, I have read this post now.

I’m looking for playing Fatal Alliances 3 by PBEM.

I have boardgame and I would like to play by turn. We can start small scenario. For rolling dices we can use acts games, this page is very easy to use and we could use this for all rolls in play.

I have read another games in Vassal, with acts games and another tools to play. For example, Third Reich of Avalanche Press.

If you is ok, please write me to my mail

Thanks, and sorry for delai to answer…

Pd: Sorry, I’m Spanish and my level english is not very good.


I buy the game last month , never played but I liked what I see. If want to play with a newbie
I am Portuguese living in Portugal , your neighbor


I will write you by e-mail.

I’m Spanish, near to you…jjj

I missed these posts but I’m very pleased to see that you folks connected!

I’m in Virginia and would love to find a group for Fatal Alliances.