Toolbar button to center on specific coordinate

Is it possible to make a toolbar button that will center the current view on a certain coordinate? The map I have is quite large and having a way to click and center on a specific section would be very helpful. Is this doable?

If the “Center on opponent’s moves” preference option is selected, then you could move a single-pixel game piece and the map would center on it. However, this won’t recenter the map for the player initiating the action, only the other player via the server or a logfile.


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On Sep 10, 2008, at 12:40 PM, Rodney Kinney wrote:

Hmmm. Could you set up a command that would move a game piece that
belongs to a third (not played) side instead? Would that move the map
for both players?

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Are you using a map overlay? That works well enough for me. It displays the entire map in a small box in the upper left corner. You just click on the small map where you want to be and the full size map moves to that position.

after setting the overlay for a much much smaller value I was able to get what I wanted, thanks for the help.