Toolbar Menu and Global Key Command?


I’ve set up a toolbar menu (group) with options for different Player Hands - that’s relatively easy.

What I’m now looking to do is to have a toolbar menu with the options as Global Key Commands. For some reason, this doesn’t work. By not working, I mean the menu options doesn’t show on either the main bar or in the sub-menu to which I’d expect it to be assigned.

The game on which I’m working needs a distinct setup for 1, 2, 3, and 4 players. I’d like a menu at the top which can be clicked, the options come down and the player can select one and then a keystroke is fired to begin the setup of the decks and so on.

My fall-back option is to have a map window appear with Action Buttons showing which can be clicked - a bit like a preferences window - but I’d rather just have a menu option.

Can anyone help?


I found my solution after poking around not long after I posted - funny how that happens sometimes. What I needed to do was to have a Toolbar Menu and then have Action Buttons set to appear in the menu. Action Buttons can fire Global Key Commands, which serves my needs perfectly.