Totaler Krieg 2 - Europe

Would anyone be interested in playing? 3 players would be good but 2 players can work.

I own the game but have never played. I read the rules once, but have long since forgotten them. I could study them and give it a shot, but you will have to be patient.


We are talking about TK not the newer Axis Empires? I assume the looong time on rules would be the former (1999)

I’m looking for an opponent to play in Axis Empire too (European front only). My preferences: 1on1 game (easier to arrange sesion than 3player game), strong opponent of course (I think that I’m a strong player), vassal game, only session game (not pbem), about 3 hours sessions (start at 21-22 o’clock from monday to friday, no every day of course), on the weekend - negotiated. My time - greenwich +1. Anyway sorry for my english.

JUNO44 - I’m talking about TK2, but Europe only. It is the newer version as I bought the game just this past year.
AnomanderRake - I’m in the US, CST so that is about a 7 hour difference??? I am not an expert on this game but I was trained by one.

To help clarify the game I’m talking about go to Boardgame Geek (BGG) and type in:
Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg!
Its the 2011 version but you can obtain the most recent rules and errata from BGG.

I think that the time difference can be troublesome. 9 p.m. my time is 2 p.m. yours. You’d have to play at work or don’t work.

I would not like to work but I have to pay for my wargaming habit. :slight_smile:
PBEM works okay. That’s what I did last time. If you want to try it???

Sorry, but I don’t like to play pbem. I’m looking for an opponent to live game.

I’m looking for someone to play with never tried vassal but quick to learn I no the game well
I’m free most times


from hamilton ontario