Totaler Krieg! Game (PBEM)

Anyone interested in a PBEM Totaler Krieg! game on VASSAL? A 2-player game I had going seems to have fallen through. I’ve played Krieg! lots of times, but never finished a game. So help me god, I am going to finish a game before I die.

I would be interested in giving it a go. Totaler Krieg was actually the game that got me motivated as a Vassal Developer a few years back, but I got side tracked and never have got round to playing.

I will have to learn the rules again and can only promise a slow but steady turn-around, but I also would love to play a game right through.

Drop me an email at b.easton at if interested.


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I’d also like to get a game in one day, so consider me an alternate - or if you’re really ambitious, perhaps a 3-player game?

I’ve got plenty of opponents now. Try:

for tons of opponents.

Much interested in TK! PBEM. Have played ftf only, know nothing about VASSAL.

Will play 1939 campaign or RCG.

I’m told that the Axis Total War cards should become available when the Germans play their mobilization card–just in the boardgame–but I’m not getting it to happen. Anybody know how to get it to happen?

I can’t see any automated way to add those cards either.

Am learning game and systm, have played solitare on the table and just through to the, ‘cards not moving’ issue on Vassal. Looking for a game to get into PBEM and or live time permitting.

From what I’ve found the cards are always there in the ‘deck’. When you need to make them useable just move them over to the in use deck. This would be the same for allies when they get their cards due to axis total war play.

:smiley: OK have got the vassal thing down now for pbem so would really like to get one or more games going. any takers respond with interests and starts.

hey guys,

didn’t realize there was so much interest in TK out here. i’m bruce sears, the designer for TK2/Dai Senso/Axis Empires mod.

i highly recommend learning the latest version of the game. TK2/Dai Senso (which can be played in tandem (AKA Axis Empires) or separately). don’t be worried about the TK2 name. it is TK but more evolved and playtested. it is the same game, and it is not more complicated or anything like that. (when i talk here about TK, i’m really talking about TK2.)

see the vassal mods Axis Empires folder. remember, even if you just want to play TK, this is the mod you want. it can be set up to play TK, DS, or AE. it is based on the latest version of the TK rules (though there will be an update to that in just a few days, and then it will take a little to update the mod of course.

but if you want to start now, you should get to the TK site at … -ds-hp.htm and get copies of the Sept '08 rules set before they take them down and replace them with the new set coming out in a few days.

at any rate, i’d be up for a game if anyone is interested.



p.s. the mod does not have internet dice integrated into it. would the community be interested in having them made available?

This is correct for setting up a new scenario. It’s kind of a pain, but if you save it at the end of the setup, you can always use that state file as a start for a new game with all the cards already dragged into the player hands. The real way to set up cards is to have a “GM” first create the player hands with all the cards they can use. The mod does not enforce any TK rules about when it is possible to select a particular card. You have to know the TK rules yourself.

In the Axis Empires Files folder, there is a start file called AE_1937_start.vsl which is a start up file with all the cards already dragged into place for a full combined game of Axis Empires (i.e., TK + DS).