Tournament: Illuminati Endgame 2012 (win 1 BTC!)

I am holding an online tournament for my board game “Illuminati Endgame 2012”. We will be playing 3 sessions online using the Vassal game engine.

The dates for the 3 sessions are:
Saturday 2013-03-09 22:00 CET/21:00 UTC/16:00 EST
Saturday 2013-03-16 22:00 CET/21:00 UTC/17:00 EDT
Sunday 2013-03-24 22:00 CET/21:00 UTC/17:00 EDT

Additionally, there will be a trial session (participation not required) to get acquainted with the game and the module:
Saturday 2013-03-02 22:00 CET/21:00 UTC/16:00 EST

Each game is expected to last about 90 minutes. Please read the rules beforehand! Also please download and try the Vassal engine beforehand if you are new to that.

You can download the rules here: … _Rules.pdf

You can download the game module here: … _v1.2.vmod … dgame_2012 (version 1.2)

There can be a maximum of 6 participants. The first 6 people to register on this thread (or on this Reddit thread or this bitcointalk-thread) as determined by posting date & time get to participate. Any later registrations go on a waiting list in order of date & time. I will determine and post the final participation list here.

If less than 3 players (not counting myself) show up for game, then the game will be postponed to a later date.
This means we should a have a minimum of 4 players per game.

The player with the most wins over the 3 sessions gets a prize of 1 Bitcoin! If multiple players are tied for the most number of wins then they split the 1 BTC in equal parts. Note that team victories are possible in this game. In such a case each player in the winning team scores a “win”. If I participate in a game, then my wins will not be counted.

You can read about Bitcoin here:

I reserve the right to exclude or disqualify any player who is disruptive.

Additionally, each player who participates in at least 2 games and writes a review/some feedback (a few sentences) on this thread afterwards gets 0.1 Bitcoin.

Here is a short description of Illuminati Endgame 2012:

There are two opposing teams in this game. On one side are the “Free Peoples” players who can only win or lose together. Their main goal is to survive. On the other side are the “Illuminati” players who must both the defeat the “Free Peoples” players and lastly also their team members to win the game individually. Illuminati players need to get as much power as possible. Nobody knows who belongs to which side at the start of the game.

Each player starts up in a province on a world map and can then expand his civilization by gaining new provinces or building cities. He can also upgrade his technology level. At the end of each turn calamities may occur. A player gets “power points” which he can use for his actions or save his provinces from the effects of these calamities, so a player must strike a balance between these two.

The idea is to figure out on which team you belong and act accordingly. Illuminati players need to be aggressive while Free Peoples players just need to survive and can usually be peaceful.

It’s a tactical game with only a very small element of luck (the calamities at the end of each turn), so it becomes kind of like chess to plan your moves.

Here is a photo the game: