Trait that specify where a piece can be placed on grid

I would like to restrict certain pieces to be placed only “inside” a grid field, while not on edges or vertices (when those options are enabled), while other pieces should be restricted to edges only etc.

Basically the trait should offer 3 checkboxes: grid, edge, vertex and allow placing piece in the checked positions.

In the future this trait could be enchanced to support property filtering, so for example some pieces could be restricted to given map or zone only.


This would be very nice. Unit pieces can only be in squares, but I want to have terrain pieces that is 2x2. So for them, corners are legal positions too. Now I have to use only odd number of squares: 1x1, 3x3 etc.

On Mar 19, 2010, at 12:43 AM, Gunslinger wrote:

While this is a worthy feature, you can still use 2x2 pieces now, with
either of the following means:

(a) Just allow corners as legal grid positions. Rely on the players
to put the terrain sensibly, just like we rely on them to follow the
rest of the rules of the game.

(b) Use the offset on the graphics so that the upper-left part of the
even sized snaps to the grid rather than the center of the piece.
This is probably the simplest solution.

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Sometimes it’s not the question of trusting players to follow the rules, but of arcade-like mouse moves that have to be very accurate to hit the spot which will draw the piece to correct place. By restricting some options, the density of possible targets is lowered and it’s easier to snap to correct position. No additional moves to correct badly placed pieces - less spam in the game log.

Yes. That’s why there was also Plan (b). ;-)