trait to retain counter during Hide All Pieces

The Globe button to Hide All Pieces hides all the pieces to view the map unobstructed. Is there a counter trait to keep a piece in view during Hide All Pieces? I would like to still see the control markers in a specific module to count the number of VP cities controlled.

You can do it, but not through “Hide All Pieces.” You must create your own new “Hide All Pieces” button, and here’s how.

In the editor, find the “Game Piece Layers” item. (If you aren’t using it, you should, but that’s another discussion.) Make sure all your control markers are in a layer (or layers) different from the pieces you want to hide. (This is not a the piece Layer trait. That’s completely different and unrelated.)

Right-click the Layers item to select “Add Game Piece Layers Control.” Change the button text to something like “Hide” and maybe find a nice globe icon. For Action, choose “Switch Layer between Active and inactive.” Then list the layers you want to hide–not the layers with your markers.

This will create a toolbar button that does what you want. You might want to delete the usual Hide button to avoid confusion.