Traits blank- VASSAL-3.3.3-SNAPSHOT-bug13014-d468953e

Tried running VASSAL-3.3.3-SNAPSHOT-bug13014-d468953e-macosx.dmg

Looked to work fine until I found traits had disappeared in the Module Editor.

Steps taken:-

Opened my module, refreshed counters.

Did a save file and updated one of the saved scenarios with that save file.

Did some actions in the module. Did 1 UnDo.

Went to try edit traits in a prototype … the prototype was blank, as were others tried subsequently.

Does this happen with the current build, which is VASSAL-3.3.3-SNAPSHOT-2d301d84?

Sorry, I missed this before. I haven’t seen a repeat of the problem but I will need to re-test once the crash bug is fixed (so I can reproduce the exact above steps).