Traits for All Cards Not Working

I have a deck of cards (75) and wanted to have some extra traits for them.
I right clicked the deck and chose Edit All Contained Pieces.
I added the extra traits.
But when I check the individual cards the new traits are not there. But they are still listed under Edit All.
I have used this same procedure successfully in the past but it’s not working now.

A) Which version of VASSAL?
B) Did you try saving the module then reloading it?

Is this for a newly created game or for a pre-defined scenario ?

If the later, then you need to use Tools…Refresh Counters (default settings will do) in order to apply the traits to pieces in the game.

Edit all contained pieces only works when every piece has exactly the same traits and in exactly the same order of appearance.

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Let me elaborate a bit.
Vassal 3.6.5
I have a newly created module with 2 decks of cards under the Main Map Window.
I have added the following traits using Edit All Contained Pieces of the 1st deck and each card has those traits.

I used the same procedure to the 2nd deck using Edit All:

However, the individual cards in the 2nd deck only have these traits:

I hope that explains it better.

Another foible of the edit all contained pieces is that it will ignore any pasted traits that are not moved into position using the arrow keys. Click and dragging does not work.
First thing I would do is to go to the 2nd deck, select edit all and click on Layer - Flip Over. Use the arrow key to send it to the bottom. Click on OK. Now reselect edit all and enter in your send to location traits. I would go for a manual enter for these, not copy paste from the 1st stack. Click on OK. Hopefully, all will now be well.

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Thanks. I will try that.