Transparent Mask, Auto Level? Character Select

Hi guys. A few days ago I stumbled upon VassalEngine, while looking for some board game reviews. Fast forward a few days later, and I have been spending every minute of daylight practicing and reading everything I can. This program is literally incredible. Anyways,
I am wondering if I may get some help using a transparent mask. Whenever I choose, “Use Image” and refer my transparent backing, the front of the card does not show. My transparency is very high, but I have a feeling something is blocking the front image from coming through. Using the inset option works, but is not as aesthetically pleasing as I would have liked. The deck contains over 500 cards, so going through each card and setting a 2nd mask does not seem feasible. I also am not even sure where/what would consist in a second mask. As I am an infant in all this, if someone could give me step-by-step instructions on how to achieve what I wish, I would SINCERELY appreciate it.

Current settings: All cards have basic piece with FRONT image. They are then given a prototype with a mask, which has the card backing under the first choice “View When Masked.” I have the second option as inset, which does allow the front of the card to poke through but is not optimal. The mask is the 2nd choice from the top (2nd to last executed?) . The last executed is a prototype (nested inside the main card send prototype) which allows all cards to be seen when on the main bored, but obscuredToOthers when they are in my selected region.
All cards are shuffled always, face down always, and drawn face down. Everything seems to work, except being able to get the mask to actually be what I would like.
The second part of my question I will summarize quickly. I would like to know if I could have my combat level and regular level automated. I will be placing “bonuses” inside grid locked slots (think equipping armor) and would like to make the game total and display the sum of these bonuses. It would have to take into account my player level, and then sum this with the total bonuses on the table. I believe I would have to go through and set values for each card, which is fine, but I am not really sure how to go about doing anything like this. Again, I am still wet on my feet and doing everything I can to absorb your knowledge!
Also, Is there any way for me to start players with a random, instantly dealt hand at the beginning of the game? It would just make things look really cool if they went to their hand, and in front of them were a bunch of random cards.

4)Lastly, Is there any way to grey out characters, after they have been selected on the character screen? Currently, I just have to drag the pieces in and move them manually. There is no way to delete a piece after I have placed it on the board though. Is there any way I could set up a zone, where I double click on the character I want, (they are just game pawns) and it appears in the zone and greys out up top? Is there any way I can bring up a character selection screen instantly?

I am sorry for taking your time, but I really do appreciate every second you spend helping me. I have a whole bunch more questions, but will lay off and see if anyone could make explain the one’s I asked. Thank you again, friends.