Tricky "Report Action" question, a la 1960

Hi and thanks for looking. I’m trying diligently to understand how the author of the brilliant “1960: Making of the President” module author pulled off a cool Report Action trick.

In the 1960 module, there is a turn counter and a phase counter on the bottom left of the board. When you click and drag the phase counter from phase 1 to phase 2, the module reports it as “Kennedy moves Turn from Turn 1 → Turn 2.”

I truly cannot figure out how the author made this happen. You make two zones, and then you make the token. What kind of Report Action trait enables the reporting of click-and-drag actions?

How exactly does one get a module to report when you click on a token in one zone and drag it into another zone?

Thanks for your help!


I don’t know how it is done in this module, but I do it as follows (e.g. a short turn track with the numbers 1 to 10 on it):

  1. Add a multi-zoned grid to the board
  2. Create a Zone covering the turn track
  3. Add a rectangular grid to to the Zone and adjust the grid size so that it matches the squares on the turn track.
  4. Add a grid numbering to the grid and adjust the start values until the column number in each grid cell matches the turn number on the turn track.
  5. In the grid numbering, change the ‘Location Format’ from ‘$gridLocation$’ to ‘Turn $column$’
  6. Make sure auto-report is turned on and an appropriate Map auto-report format exists

Now, when you move a counter named ‘Turn’ along the turn track from 1 to 2, you should see (depending on your movement auto-report format): -

  • Turn moves from Turn 1 → Turn 2

This will work with any sort of sequentially numbered track by adjusting the Column numbers (or row numbers for a vertical track) appropriately.


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