Trigger difficulties

Wondering if I might get some help with a possible trigger problem in my Guilford module (created in beta 7). You can find it at
Please do the following:

  1. Open up the “test” scenario.
  2. After the main map opens up, open the “VPs” window.
  3. Move the blue American unit named “1 Maryland” onto the hex with the objective flag.
  4. Here is where the problem occurs. In the VP window, the dash on the blue VP marker should turn into a 1 and the whole marker should move two grid spaces up the VP track. The red marker should move two grid spaces down the VP track. What I find is that the blue marker functions correctly but the red marker does not move down the track like it should.

The problem is reversed if you move the red British unit onto the objective hex instead. Then the red VP marker works ok but the blue VP marker won’t move down the track.

I stripped away all the prototypes except for the two in question, so I hope this will make it easier to solve. Thanks for any help you can offer.

That’s a good looking module you have there. But you don’t need all those
GKC’s. We can simplify and execute with 1 keystroke using dynamic properties
w/ the layer to control values of the 1718VP pieces.

Still deciphering whats going on but give me sleep till tomorrow to sort/fix
unless someone gets it before then

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Rob, Here is the test Guilford module fixed and working.

Youll see how I simplified the structure by using opposite key control so that everything works. Should be fairly straightforward

You will (and can see) that there is still the issue of ‘track walking’ where the marker can go off the track past the theoretical boundaries of the grid.
This is easily rectified by controlling the piece movement w/ a nested restrict trait and 2nd DP dedicated to movement.

The reason why the movement restriction cannot be tied to the Main DP that controls the pieces is because this will stop the movement and the VP layer may not change of the opposite side’s piece. You can try it to see what I’m getting at (basically similar to the original problem you had).

If you need help on the nested restrict/dp let me know


This is great. And thanks for the compliment…I’ve gotten to the point where I can make a pretty decent looking module, but I still have a lot to learn about the programming side. This helps me to understand a little more. Thank you!