Trigger Loop and Zero

Using a Trigger with a loop setup.

Is it an expected feature that the loop key command will execute once when the loop count is zero ? That seems to be my experience.

My workaround was to put a loop=zero check in the overall Trigger condition.

Works this time but would preclude executing the pre and post loop commands.

In particular, if this is a feature, you can’t use the pre-loop key command to calculate the number of iterations where the result might be zero.

Or has anyone found that zero doesn’t execute the loop key command, in which case I will look again ?

I believe that if you set it up to loop “while” a condition is true, then it won’t execute at all if the condition begins false.
If you set it up to loop “until” a condition is true, it will execute at least once.
A “number of times: 0” loop, I’m actually not sure.