Triple Topper Vassal is now open

Now you can play any one of 14 games with any number of players from 1 to 12 using Vassal Engine The module is available by clicking modules and selecting Triple Topper. There's currently one moudule for certain games with more coming soon. It's the most varied module.

It's free for anyone to play.

The deck (for you newbies out there) is like a regular deck which can play many different games. But it's a different deck than the standard 52. There's 5 nummbers, 5 colors and 5 suits for a total of 125 cards (each card cntains one number, one color, and one suit, and there's 125 combinaions, one for each card) That's a game with 3 dimensions (color, number, and suit) Notice that the graphics are not 3d, just the game concept. To read more about the deck, go to To read the rules to 14 games made so far, go here If you wish to advertise on this deck (my only source of income so far) click here. And if you want to test an idea of a game you made with me, please send the rules and proposed appointment to play against me at

More odules will come soon. You are free to create game non-commercially, and to be included in a "by the fans" webpage, and split any profits associate with your version of Triple Topper, as long as I share in the copyright, by saying "...using the Triple Topper deck, copyright 2000-(year of game creation) Brian Ciesicki.

Have fun and enjoy.