Triumph & Tragedy

When the module is released, I would be interested in a 3 player game. PBEM.

I am interested as well. I have another guy who might be interested.

Sounds good. I guess we just wait until the module is released.

isnt it up in module section? I downloaded it yesterday and it looked working perfectly fine. Even some automation is present.
I ordered game but it will not arrive for month at least. I would like to play this game with you guys. Its 3p game after all.

Wow. Didn’t realize it had been released. I can’t play live…would have to be PBEM for me. Might be a problem with the multiple number of card plays and “passes”. We might have to figure out a work-around for that.

I´m playing a game right now. There is no problem. You send an email saying which card(s) you play and their number

“Rumania Spring F5”

Then when the Government phase is over you log on to the game and discard the card played separately so everyne can see it´s correct.

Hey guy’s,
I’m watching Stuka Joe’s video on this game; would like to get into it also.

Here is what I see is the problem with PBEM (without modifications)…

Scenario 1-
Germany (who normally begins with the most cards; sometimes double the other players): Play card
UK: Pass
USSR: Pass

Germany: Play card
UK: Pass
USSR: Pass

continue for several rounds…

Each “pass” requires a decision point (and an email delay) from the player.

Scenario 2-
House Rule: Each player may only “pass” once. The player who begins the turn with the most cards (usually Germany) begins play. He plays a number of cards in succession until he has an equal number of cards to the next largest hand. At that point, roll for the starting player and player order.

Any thoughts?

Just to clarify…after the first “pass”, any other time that player reaches a decision point it would be considered as another “pass”. The first “pass” would trigger a “pass” for the rest of that action phase.

…regarding your scenario #1-
There is good strategy for the Western Allies and/or Russia seeing each Axis card play before their own, so the ‘one pass’ house rule may throw the game balance off; I do agree about the number of back and forth emails though.

Maybe. I think the gain in time savings would probably offset the minor loss of card knowledge.

Only one way to find out… :slight_smile:

lol…yes, your right about that :smiley:

Ok, House rule looks good.