Troble with having several Invisible-traits on one piece.


I’m not sure wether this belongs here or in the technical support section, but I’ll take my chances and start here.

I have soon finished building a module for Victory Games “5th Fleet” game. I wanted to facilitate playing double blind with a moderator and that was when the problem occurred.

Apart from “observer”, “moderator” and “solitaire”, there are five possible player options in the module:
• Unites States
• US-Allied
• Soviet Union
• Soviet-Allied
• Indian
To facilitate double-blind, I’ve made three basic “invisible” traits:
• Invisible US & Allied (used by players: United States and US-Allied)
• Invisible Soviet & Allied (used by players: Soviet Union and Soviet-Allied)
• Invisible Indian (used by player: Indian)
In addition all are of course useable by the moderator.

However, several nations in the game play on different sides from scenario to scenario. To make it possible to play double-blind, I then had to equip pieces from the “turncoat” nations with several of the invisible traits. When a friend and I then tried to play-test the module we discovered the following problem:

When one player used an invisible-trait NOT on top of the piece-menu, everything seemed OK until a concealment-counter (or any other counter) was placed on top of the invisible piece. When that happened, the concealment-counter did show up on the opponent’s screen, but the counter sat on the hexside and not in the middle of the hex. And once the player with the invisible piece made it visible again, the piece showed up normally on the opponent’s screen and the concealment-counter now snapped back into the middle of the hex, sitting on top of the now visible piece.

This problem occurs both when playing online as well as playing by email. The easiest way to reproduce the problem would be this:

• Open the module and start a new game as “Moderator”
• Place an Indonesian ship on the mapboard (Counters button - Soviet & Allies -Soviet-Allied-Surface- Any piece starting with “ID”)
• Make it invisible using the “Invisible – US & Allies” trait (if using the “Invisible Soviet & Allies”, the problem will not occur).
• Place any other counter on top of the piece made invisible.
• Save the game.
• Open the game on another PC (or change your username and password) and join game as “Indian” player.
• The piece will now be invisible, but the counter placed on top of it will sit on the northeastern hex-side and not in the middle of the hex

The best way to simulate this is, of course, to set up a game and do it online.

So I am wondering what I have done wrong? Or is this an actual bug in Vassal that does this when using several “Invisible”-traits on the same piece. The issue seems to be with the order of the traits on the menu, but all invisible-traits DO work except, as explained, that the ones not on the top of the piece-menu throws off the position of a visible piece placed on top of the invisible piece, -and then only on the opponet’s screen.

The module in its current state can be downloaded from here:

Vassal Engine Version: 3.1.14
Java Version: 1.6.0_20

I have not included my computer specs as I have several PCs with different Windows OS and the problem occurs on all of them.

Hope somebody can help me solve this.

Best Regards

Roar Stensrud

To give you a better understanding of this problem, I have created a logfile demonstraiting the problem. The logfile is also found on

What you need to do is to enter the logfile as the INDIAN player and pay attention to my comments as you step through the logfile.

Hope somebody have a good idea what’s going on.