Trying to change Card Images to translate

I am working on translating Glory to Rome from Russian to English. While I’m most of the way through the module’s text and map images, I’m struggling with the card images. I’ve scanned my own cards and have been working on changing them.

I go to the main board window, find the deck, and expand it. I change the images on the cards by going to the basic piece properties, changing to no image, then getting the double-click here to add an image and replacing it with the English version of the card for all the cards in the deck.

The module is saving, the i can see my images in when i open it with winrar, but there must be something else referring to that other image file. I also tried replacing the image file, but that caused vassal to crash because the file names are in Russian and Windows doesn’t translate them correctly (I presume).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just occurred to me that the modules uses saved games to create the different setups for 2-5 players. Is it possible the saved games are using old card art but not the map arts?

In case anyone has the same issue, yes that is what was happening. Also the “mask” trait containing an image was an issue for me.