Trying to open a module.

Can anyone help me (in layman’s terms) … I’m new to Vassal … it’s all a bit daunting!

I’ve successfully downloaded the basic Memoir 44 module to my windows laptop. It gives me the basic 16 scenarios which is great, and although i’ve yet to play anyone, I’ve managed to create a room and get as far as opening a scenario … however i’ve since tried to download one of the expansion modules, which are all showing a different file name at the end of their file (.vmdx) and although i’'ve downloaded one onto my laptop in the same folder as the base game/module, these ones are refusing to open.

When I try to open it a window opens up that says, ‘Windows is unable to open this file … Windows needs to know which program to use to open it’ and then asks if i’d like to use the web service to find the program or to open a list of available programs from my laptop.

Can anyone help me out?



I find the easiest way to handle extensions is to place them in the extensions folder for that module. If the module is named “module.vmod”, then create a folder next to it called “module_ext”. Place all .vmdx extension files in there. VASSAL will then automatically load them. In case of Memoir the folder should be “Memoir44v8_ext”.

Thats awesome, thankyou ! :slight_smile:

The best way to handle extensions is to right click the base module in the module manager and select “add extension”. Let the manager do the work instead of messing with file folders outside of the manager. This info can be found in the User help guide pdf here:

Thanks Tim, Sorted! :slight_smile: