trying to start new game

So I’m new to vassel. I’ve used it as a reference for the game but never played it with anyone.
I’m using the new World in Flames module.
I started by connecting to an online game, starting a game, moved the pieces around and saved it. I then went over to my friend’s house and we had no connection to the internet so brought up the game and modified the pieces and saved it. Today we both had internet access and were able to see each other in the main room but were unable to both access the saved game that I had loaded. So what am I doing wrong for both of us to see the game?


First of all, you can’t play a game in the main room. You have to create a game room and then you would both double click the game room to enter it. The person with the saved game would load the game. They would be considered the host. Once the game is loaded, the other person would right click the host player and select Synchronize. Their game would then match the game state of the host and you’re ready to play.

I’ll give it a shot.