Trying with the Mask

I have one card face down (with Mask) in the Main Map. I want to send this card face up (with trait “Send to Location”) to a Player Hand. How to do it? Thanks for advance.

This is for a right-click trigger on the card itself, using XY positioning (rather than a zone or a region, etc), and for a single player window. You can add more windows (adding additional Send to Locations: ALT 2, ALT 3, etc), but if there’s several possibilities then you might consider housing them all in a Sub-menu trait. Add these traits to that card, keeping them below the mask trait:

Send To Location. . .
Command name: Send to Player #1 [modify as needed]
Keyboard command: ALT 1 [modify if already in use]
Destination: Location on selected map
Map: [select the appropriate map]
Board: [select the appropriate board]
X Position: 500 [modify as required]
Y Position: 500 [modify as required]

Trigger Action. . .
Trigger when properties match: ObscuredToOthers=true
Menu Command & Keyboard command: [both cleared and blank]
Watch for keystrokes: ALT 1 [add ALT 2, ALT 3, etc, if adding more player windows]
Perform keystrokes: CTRL M [or whatever the card’s masking trait keyboard command is]

And you’d want “Allow non-owners to unmask pieces” in Global Options set to “Always” if you want a non-owning player to be able to unmask it.

check the tips and tricks section of the wiki on how to flip a card … lip_a_card

Thank you very much Tim M and rrvs for your answer. I am learning a lot! For cards games, Vassal is really amazing. Greetings.