TS with a Vassal newb

Hey all. I’ve played a bit of TS, but have never used Vassal. I’ve finally got it up and running and would love to find a game. I probably can’t sit through a full session, but I can probably do a few moves each day. I’d love to both get a game in and get a feel for how Vassal works in practice. Anyone interested?

I’d play TS over VASSAL. Were you thinking PBEM, or do you want to set up live sessions?

I will play live sessions if you want. We can save when you need to go.

I would be willing to give it a go. Please let me know if you are interested.

Still looking for semi- newbie TS opponents -
I can/love to give it a go -
full session
short session

John L lmjarl@aol.com

Im also a TS newbie (2 Plays) and a Vassal newbie, I´m looking for someone to play a live session with me.

If you like!

Im a newb (no plays) and Vassal newb Looking for PBEM if possible

I would be interesed in a game of Twilight Struggle as well. Never played and semi VAASL beginer.

I also have a vent server to allow communications during the game easier


Played approx. 6 times. Looking for both live and pbem (though at least 2 moves a day please).

Felt wrong typing that…

Chalk me up as another newb looking to give it a go. Full games in eves on the West Coast or a couple of phases a day.