Tuesday Game Day on Vassal

I’m retired, and my Tuesdays are open all day from about 0930 EST (1430 GMT) to 5 pm EST (2200 GMT). I’d like to find some folks to play live on Vassal on Tuesdays.

Games I like are: Almost any CDG, altho I’m terrible at PoG, but love Unhappy King Charles, Washington’s War, Hannibal, For the People 2006, etc.
Lock-n-Load Band of Heroes, its expansions, and Heroes of the Blitzkrieg - I have a module that let you do HoB
Games brigade combat series or RSS games
also most Gamers SCS games
OCS games, although I have little experience other than solo play
Anything in the GCACW line - I particularly like the longer campaign games in games like On to Richmond and Battle Above the Clouds
Commands and Colors Ancients
Some older titles like France 1940
Open to suggestions!
Email markacres1812@gmail.com