Turn Counter HTML Styling?

I have not been able to successfully apply html/css styling to the Turn Counter window. The docs show a blue background on an image of a TC, implying that styling is possible. There is also a ref to “report format” which links to html/css styling tips. So, I wonder if maybe I am doing something wrong or perhaps such styling is not possible on the TC window. Can anyone answer this definitively?

I tried this:


And it turned bold on in he Turn Counter window. Remember, you are working with a HTML 2 renderer, so CSS support is limited (if at all?) you need to go old-school HTML.


Thanks for the tip! I copied your example (in Linux/OpenJDK). The HTML tags and BOLD tags were echoed onto the chat window and I couldn’t see an effect in the TC window. I’ll experiment with it a little more, but maybe I should just not try this.

There is an option in Preferences to enable HTML–it sounds like you have it turned off.


FUUUUUUUUUDGE! You are correct… *snatches dunce cap and stool…marches to corner.