Turn Counter only shows first two choices

I discovered that one of my modules only shows the first two choices (Initiative, Treasury) but never progressing to the others. I compared the Turn Counter and List against other modules that are working correctly and couldn’t determine a difference.

Any idea why this might be happening?

I’m not sure I’m also trying out Turn Counters, but I placed an F6 (or any keystroke you like) in Next Turn Hotkey. This corresponds to the + on the counter tab. I also put Ctrl-T in Show/Hide hotkey, this seemed to work for me.

It’s hard to troubleshoot something like this without having the module. It’s more likely someone would have useful advice were the module available for download.

Thank you both for your suggestions.

bhfredjenni - I tried both of your techniques and still had the problem.

uckelman - Here’s a link to the module in a Dropbox folder.

By any chance did you ever have the “allow players to hide items in this list” option checked?

Or conceivably used to only have two states for this turn tracker back when you made the scenario file?

Try this:
(1) Check the “allow players to hide items in this list” for the List item in your turn tracker and save the module
(2) Start the scenario (as Observer)
(3) Open the turn tracker, right click, and select the “Configure”
(4) Check all the boxes to active
(5) Save the game (this will be your new scenario file in a minute)
(6) Go back in the editor and uncheck “allow players to hide items in this list”
(7) Use the save file you just made as the NEW scenario file (overwriting the old one)
(8) Save the module

I think that will probably get you going (because I tried that with your module and it worked for me)



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I just copied what was in the VASSAL Reference Manual, Cattlesquat has more experience and knowledge than I do. Hope he found the solution to your problem.


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Hi Cattlesquat,

Thanks for your help, as it lead to the fix. For some reason, some of the phases were not turned on. I have no idea of how that happened as I don’t configure modules to allow players to make those modifications during play. But none-the-less, it’s working now. This was driving me mad (like mad cow’s disease). How to identify mad cow disease - YouTube

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