Turn counter resets and can dice results be saved?


I’m designing a board game during WW II and my general counter is setup so that it Has one year (1944), three months June/July/Aug. Each month has a certain amount of days and each day is separated into Night and Day sub turns.

The turn is loaded correctly, starts on June 6th but as soon as I save the game and load it again the turn is set to Aug 1 for some reason. Is turn not saved with the game automatically?

I’m also struggling with weather conditions that I have setup as a random dice result. I have created a general marker that acts as information and shows the current weather and date based on the turn counter and the dice result. This info is also lost once the game is saved and reloaded. Is there a way to retreive the old generated info once the game is loaded again?

Thanks for any help you can provide!