Turn Counter values, two questions

I realize that I can hide or a gray out an action with the restrict piece property. Can someone help me uncover what the name of those properties are? I suspect That I need to more fully specify the “level2”, so that the piece will be looking at the property in the Turn’s name space.

I also need to add a feature to my turn tracker. I know that you can dynamic set the order and remove certain phases. This works well. In B5CCG, the initiative order is determined each turn ( for the next 3 phases). Now setting the initiative order in two of the phases is not worth the effort, as each player only has one action, but in the action phase, the phase continues until all players pass. (A player can pass once, and then re-enter the next action phase turn.) So perhaps I can setup a counter that would track this, but I’ll leave that to another time. My question is what happens if I put a loop counter in the action phase that goes for 100 (some large number) turns. In side that large loop, would be a list of players, configurable to remove players not in the game and the turn order of those players. Is there anyway to configure a button that would break out of the action turn counter when all players had passed?