Turn Timer facility

Is there an option to create a turn timer in Vassal or, if not, what are the chances of adding the facility?

The Chess clocks feature went in at 3.5.8, but that only counts up, not down.

There are no features being added to VASSAL 3 anymore, so that chance is 0% pretty remote. This would have to be a VASSAL 4 wishlist item.

To be clear, there are no plans for additional features in V3. A thing or two might be added here or there, but if you want it, you’ll have to convince us that it should be done and round up somebody to do it.

I’m trying hard to put all my dev time into V4 from here onward.

Well that answers a lot of questions. Might as well close down the ‘feature requests’ part then.

Why? We still want to know what people find lacking. It’s just that the effort going forward won’t be going into V3.

(This isn’t a change, btw. I’ve been transparent about winding down the time I personally put into V3 since 3.5 came out. If anything, I’ve put far, far more time into 3.5 and 3.6 than I said I would, to get things to a stable place while we work on V4.)

Fair enough - although forwards compatibility might be an issue (i.e. will something I create in 3.X be runnable in 4.X? or will I have to re-write it completely?) the Chess Clocks feature might be adaptable - I just want to be able to keep track of what turn the players are on and, hopefully, have it register the new turn number when the previous turn ends.

Come to think of it, Commands & Colors (Napoleonics) has a similar facility built in - maybe the solution lies there.

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Not runnable, but it should be convertible. A module, save, and log converter is near the top of the list for V4.

I’ve already written code to dump modules to an intermediate format. There’s not much else to do there until the target format is settled sufficiently; that’s in discussion now.

OK, Joel, that sounds reasonable.


Returning to your original question: You want something that counts up instead of down? Is that right? Why do you want that?

Actually, it doesn’t matter greatly which way the count goes. The objective is to limit the time it takes a player to complete his turn. The counter doesn’t need to intervene, just notify players of the time elapsed (or left to go). I’ve made a slight adaption of the Chess clock and got a facility that works. I want to try a couple of refinements but I’m not sure that the Chess clock property will cooperate. However, that isn’t a huge issue.

I appreciate your wish to concentrate on V4 and understand that you’d prefer not to take V3.x much beyond its current iteration. I’m looking forward to seeing what V4 has to offer when it sees the light. Power to your elbow, Joel :grinning: