Turning off the LOS Thread

The game module I am working on uses the LOS Thread.

I have some functionality in the game module that requires that I first check to see if the LOS Thread is active and if so end it before proceeding with the functionality. How best to do this?

This is not the same as permanently disabling the LOS Thread. I want that to be available to users. I just need to stop it if it is active when the user initiates another specific activity (not any and all other actions, just certain ones).

Any pointers/advice much appreciated. This is my first time posting in the VASSAL forums. If I should be in a different one, let me know.


Have you figured out how to do this drimmer?


Still hoping for some help on this. Most of my work involves a module and not the VASSAL functionality itself.


Have you figured out how to do this drimmer?

I believe I did (or I worked around it) but I can’t recall precisely. If you are actually interested in the solution, I can go and look.