Tutorial Question

Hi Vassalers,

I’m totally new here. I was trying to work through the supplied design tutorials and have hit a problem with the one about card games. I think I’m following the instructions correctly, but can’t seem to add decks of cards to the map windows. The option to add a deck is there on the right-click menu, but doesn’t appear to do anything and reports no errors.

Am I misunderstanding, or is the tutorial out of date in this regard?

Thanks for any help


In addition to adding the Deck to the Map, you have to add Cards (i.e. Game Pieces) to the Deck. Then you should see the Deck containing those cards when you start a new game.


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Thanks rk. I’ll try it at the weekend.

I’m not filled with confidence because the deck objects don’t seem to appear in the module tree and I would have expected to right click on a deck to add cards to it.

Still, let me try first. :slight_smile: