My name is Stephen Glenn and I am a Vassal newbie. I am a moderately successful game designer but my current playtest group has dwindled down to nil. My intention is to use Vassal to create modules of my prototypes and playtest them online.

My question is: I am trying to “Take the Tour” by running the tutorial.

Per the instructions: "Now choose the Tour.mod file which can be found in the Vassal/doc folder. "

I don’t see the Vassal/doc folder nor do I see a Tour.mod file. Am I doing something wrong? I’m not 100% computer savvy but I’ve searched and can’t find that file anywhere in the things I downloaded.

Any help appreciated.


False Alarm. After playing around with the menu, I found the link to TAKE THE TOUR.

I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions in the future, but consider this one answered. THanks