Tutorials Suggestion

I’m pretty lost at this point for how to do certain things.

I used to to documentation/support for Symantec Mac software. I’m willing to put together tutorials for many of the things I’m slowly learning by bits and pieces if there would be special place to post them.


I asked this question recently ([url]https://forum.vassalengine.org/t/questions-about-prototyping-and-best-practices/6985/1]) and also a while back for very similar reasons. I have been working on automation techniques (with DrNostromo’s help) for a while and wanted to share what I had discovered. A few others have made similar comments about a tutorial / tips n’ tricks clearinghouse.

The best answer that I have seen was from Brent, I think, and he suggested revamping the VASSAL Wiki to add these items and/or giving Ed (a.k.a. mycenae) help with the Module Designer’s Guide (in the Docs area). That would keep everything on the VASSAL site where it can be stored and overseen properly.

I think if there was somewhere to submit items directly or somewhere to post them for peer review, that would be a start. While I personally cannot coordinate any of this right now (I’m currently a 24/7 caregiver for a dying parent), I’d be happy to submit things that I already have documented.

Any further thoughts on this, anyone?

Youtube, of course. Anywhere else will get less views. Who doesn’t go there when they’re looking for tutorials?

Look (on YouTube) for Joel Toppen’s excellent starter series on VASSAL module editing. His vids got me up and editing in record time.