Twilight Imperium 3

I don’t think he means a removal of images, I think he means to use 1 image for all action cards, 1 image for all politcal cards, etc. Then he was going to put actual text on the cards. That just sounds like cleaner mod building, if you ask me. It wouldn’t have any effect on image quality.

Which, by the way, one of the #1 reasons I love your mod was the new zoom levels you added to the main board map! That’s righteous.

And Arakimos, that sort of answers my question (I guess?). It lets me know that it will be possible for a user to put whatever text he wants on the card, but I am most curious if it will be possible to save a game a retain any text added by the user, or else save out a version of the mod and retain any text added by the user.

If you unzip the mod somewhere, there’s an image folder inside that includes all the action/political card images. Right now they only have the card name on them, without the description text. Using a photo editing program, you can add text to the empty part of the card, and that is how it will display in-game.

I doubt removing the unnecessary images will lower the quality of the module. Right now, each instance of the cards has its own image… which is just the base card face plus the title text of the card. I could easily use just the base card face and then have the game add the title text, as that is the system used in the old 1.02 version of the module.

This would probably halve the current size of the module with little to no loss of quality in the module itself.

Thus spake “Arakimos”:

Oh, I see—you’re not talking about removing images which are unique
to each card. Carry on, then.


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