Twilight Imperium


I have this idea to play Twilight Imperium as ‘live pbem’ here on vassal.

I once played TI as normal pbem and it took 6 months… so I was thinking it makes more sense to do 3-4 sessions of 4-5h with GM & players logging in at a set time & playing pbem. It won’t be easy with all the time zones etc. but still possible & more enjoyable than waiting 2 days for the game to move on.

Is anybody interested? looking for 5 more experienced players & a GM (I really want to play :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m interested. I live in the California, USA.

I would be interested too but I have never played on Vassal (I have played by forum and on table top). If this is a go, let me know.

I would be interested in playing. I have never played on Vassal, though (but I learn quickly).