Twilight Struggle/1960 PBeM


Looking to start a game of either Twilight Struggle or 1960: The Making of a President here on Vassal. I own both, though Twilight Struggle is still in the shrinkwrap. I’ve played it several times over Vassal. I’ve played 1960 several times face 2 face, but never over Vassal, so my experience with either game is…varied.

I’m looking for a more casual game, with 1 turn a weekday being pretty normal, though a few more in the evening is certainly possible.

I’m a new father, so anything more than that is risking the wrath of Mom and Baby.

Let me know if you’re interested!


I would be interested in a casual pbem game of twilight struggle. I have never played the game but have read and understand the rules. If you are interested in playing a beginner let me know.


I’d like to play Twilight Struggle PBEM. I’ve played it face-to-face a few times, and I’ve played other games on Vassal. My internet access will be spotty the next week or two, but a turn a day is generally good.
And congrats on fatherhood! A sit-down game can be hard to arrange in that case, but PBEM works well.