Twilight Struggle and For the people opps wanted

I’m looking for opponents who would like to play with me in Twilight Struggle and For The People (other games are optional too). I’m quite new in this games so i’m looking for partner who would be patient and forgives me some mistakes:)

I’d be interested - I’ve tried out the programs, too, and think they’re probably better for those games they offer (they know all the rules rather than act as only a virtual gameboard) but I’m a newbie with them and a one-timer with Vassal.

Care to try Twilight Struggle via wargameroom? I’m on the West Coast of North America, and available most evenings and weekends.

Also interested in Columbia Games’ block wargames.

ok we can try, i’ll register today in wargameroom and contact you
i/m still looking for other players too so if anybody is intrested in playing with me, let me know

i am interested in for the people (or Hannibal if you want, it´s easier)

Im willing to play even though i havent played most of them before.