Twilight Struggle: Bug (Missile Envy & Scoring)

Not sure if this is the best place for a bug report? If not please do point me in the right direction!

I just played a game which finished with the following sequence of events:
AR7 (USSR): plays Missile Envy, US has Muslim Revolutions and Africa Scoring in hand, so USSR receives and uses Muslim Revolutions;
AR7 (US): now has Missile Envy and Africa Scoring in hand, would play Africa Scoring but is forced to play Missile Envy for ops, loses the game due to holding Africa Scoring.

Rule 10.1.5 makes this illegal, and some googling suggests that the correct sequence of play in this situation is to play the scoring card(s) as required and then M.E. on the first AR of the next turn.

Is it possible to fix this?