Twilight Struggle help a newbie to Vassal?

I want to try a game of Twilight Struggle versus someone who has patience to work with me, because I am new to Vassal. I have played Twilight Struggle often in the past but the Vassal interface and so forth is the issue.
Mark R/Sabryin
Missouri (the blue part of the state)

I don’t mind trying Twilight Struggle Deluxe. But I am on CET timezone, so we’ll have to find a compatible time to play.

Same here, except I’m new to both Twilight Struggle and Vassal. But I’d be up to a challenge if there is a compatible play time.

I am up for TS on Vassal. I’m new to both, but I did a few RD games last weekend and half a solo game on Vassal. I can do PBEM or online for an hour or two each night from 9 to 11 EST most nights.


Something is wrong with the PM system, my replies are not leaving the Outbox for some reason.

There’s no problem about tonight (23rd) we can reschedule

I have played TS a few times on VASSAL, so if any of you want to play, send me a PM. I am fine with helping you through the ropes. I can only PBEM though. I am EST.