Twilight Struggle PBEM


I’m looking for an opponent to play a TS PBEM game. I’ll be able to send a file a day, or a file every two days. I hope the other player can do the same.

Best regards,

Hi Vostok

Are you still looking for an opponent? If you are I’m up for it, if you don’t mind playing agains a total newb that is! I don’t mind a total drubbing, and I can easily put the time in. Let me know if you’re still intersted.



if someone wants a PBEM of Twilight Struggle I’m here.

I will also play TS w/ someone, and can do 2-turns a day.

I’d also be interested in checking it out. Also a total newbie though.

Well this is embarrasing, must have been tired when going through the forum - totally thought this was talking about that other popular “Twilight ______” game…