Twilight Struggle - stuck as US under Quagmire

USSR headlined the Quagmire event.
Now I’m in my AR1 as US. The Quagmire token is showing on the board.

It seems I can play cards normally, but I must discard a card and roll a die as per the event.
If I do that manually, I can’t end my turn because “no card was played”.

So… how can I “trigger” the Quagmire event?

It sounds like you’re trying to play by email and this won’t work properly. If you want to play be email you cannot use any of the automation or the module will get very confused.

A new version of the module is about to be released which will include support for play be email.

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So our only option now would be to fake some moves to work around it?

Just stop using the automation. The automation is really meant to speed the play of online face-to-face matches, but there’s no requirement that you use it and it serves much less of a purpose in email games.

You mean using the specific PBEM module?