Twilight Struggle

How many people are looking for semi regular TS play by VASSAL? I’ve played a couple of times F2F and once on VASSAL a long while back. Would probably take me a game or two to get back into the swing of it, but it would be great to find some regular scheduled games that could be completed in real time over an evening, once a week? Am in Sweden, so the timezone might be tricky unless there are a lot of Europeans on, or at weekends I guess it would be easier. I would be happy to organize a little round robin if there were enough players of a similarish experience level who would be up for it as well

Alright, I’ve played a few more times F2F and finally won (barely) in final scoring with the US. Am playing a turn a day game on VASSAL now so I’m back in the swing of using the module.

I am really looking for a regular opponent now, particularly for live play, even if we have to split up the game and play say, an era at a sitting I’d be up for it, but anything is better than nothing. Really want to improve my play and get into a regular schedule of playing.

I don’t mind if you are a beginner or an expert.