Twillight Imperium Game 1: Is anybody out there?

wuluk, unless you are able to Sabotage the Scientist Assassination, you don’t get a tech.

I will be voting FOR, so the agenda will pass.

Sol will be taking Neural Motivators

Treacherous cats. I didn’t see that one before.

I sacrifice my spy to sabotage it then. Nothing can slow down Mindnet, unless you plug out the power cord. Resistance is futile.

Take Micro Technology.


CC-TAP: 2/3/1-0/5/0

copy sarween tools from L1
Action: technology
obtain war sun

CC-TAP: 2/3/1-0/5/0


Hacan take XRD Transporters

Decline Political secondary.

CC-TAP: 2/5/3 - 0/4/0

L1z1x will research War Sun, spending Zohbat(3), Resculon(2) and Red tech discount (3).

CC-TAP: 1/5/3 - 0/4/0

Map update during my turn.

Sol - done
L1z1x - passed
Hacan, Norr - pending

Norr, L1z1x done
Sol, Hacan - pending

[size=200]Hacan up[/size]

I figured you guys would both go for War Sun after that.

Sol CC-TAP: 1/6/5 - 2/7/0

Tech secondary, research Type IV Drive.
No CC cost - Initiative
Exhaust Bereg(3), Tequ’Ran(2), 3 blue tech discounts

Sol CC-TAP: 1/6/5 - 2/7/0

Hacan CC-TAP: 2/5/3 - 1/6/0

Research Type IV Drive
Exhaust Hope’s End (3), Arretze (2), Perimiter (2), 1 Tech Specialty

Hacan CC-TAP: 1/5/3 - 1/6/0

Action: Card
Play Plague, targeting Mehar Xull (rolling in rolling area)
1 even roll, 1 GF destroyed

Hacan CC-TAP: 1/5/3 - 1/5/0

Sol, you forgot to look at the political deck

[size=150]L1z1x turn[/size]


CC-TAP: 1/5/3 - 0/4/0

Activate Zohbat/Mellon sector, move units there. Bulid 2 PDS(4), 2 GF(1), 1 DD(1), 1 CA(2). Pay with Sarween Tools(1), Null(5) and Ashtroth(2).

CC-TAP: 1/5/2 - 0/4/0

Norr may fire his PDS.

[size=150]Sol up[/size]

What about Norr admiral? Shouldn’t he be abroad Carrier in a wormhole system?

Hmm, please tell me that we are using Shards tech tree and Micro Technology actually leads to Nano Technology?

If not, I kindly ask to change tech gained from Policial card to Neural Motivator. It has been probably years since I played with tech tree from base game.

I can understand that, and it is confusing, but we decided to play with the core rules, so we are using the core tree, so no Nanotech.

It is fine with me if you change techs. I can take care of that in my post.

This is the last reference that I can find to moving the Admiral (T’ro). He did not explicitly state that he was transferring the admiral to the DN in that system or landing him on a planet (and obviously left him on the carrier during the move, based on his position in the system).

Since this could affect an upcoming battle, you are within your rights to demand that the Admiral stay on the carrier. However, it seems fairly obvious that this is Ryan’s first time playing with Leaders and that he probably intended to move the Admiral to the DN. Maybe we should grant him one mistake? From other posts, I think Ryan may also be confusing which leaders are Generals and which are Admirals. (The little blue symbol on T’Ro denotes that he is an Admiral).

Sol CC-TAP: 1/6/5 - 2/7/0

Action: Transfer
Activate Tequ’Ran / Torkan and Bereg/Lirta
Move DN, CV w/2FF to Tequ’Ran / Torkan
Build Bereg 2 GF, 2 FF, 2 CA (1+1+4=5)
Lirta 2 DD, 2 GF (2+1=3)
Exhaust Jord (4), Vega Major (2), Vega Minor (1), Sarween (2)

Sol CC-TAP: 1/6/4 - 2/7/0

I am fine with Norr Admiral being on DN, if Ryan wants to have him here.

Forgot to fix 1X Tech and finish Political primary.

I must have been up too late doing my previous action. I also forgot to mention:

[size=200]N’Orr Up[/size]

Don’t I need a tech for him to be on the DN? checking the rules for admirals right now…

Yeah, I need stasis capsules which I don’t have.

Also, N’Orr is not using political secondary

Leaders are not GF, they follow the rules for GF as far as pick up and drop off, but they can ride on any ship (even fighters) and do not count toward capacity. Check the Leaders rule section again.

Hmm…that’s unfortunate.



Action: Diplomacy
I choose L1ZIX Mindnet



[size=200]HACAN UP[/size]