Twixt in real time

I seek real-time opponents for Twixt.
There are three servers we could use: VASSAL, Game Center, and Boardspace.

The Vassal module arguably has an advantage over the others: It does not implement auto-linking. After all, it is the player’s responsibility to add links, not the server’s. I have different boards for handicapping as an option. Please download module 1.2.1

Boardspace has nice display options. You can switch to an overhead view with flat pegs instead of tall ones, which IMO is easier to read. You can rotate the board in 90-degree increments. You can do a proper post mortem, which means after the game players can use the “review games” option where they can back up to any move they want and make moves from there as though they were still playing the game. You can examine any game from the archive of games played.

Game Center has the option of row handicapping implemented, as well as an optional smaller 18 size grid.

Teach The rules are pretty easy, although there may be some details newcomers don’t always know about.

Expertise yes.

Please message me here or by email, which is twixtfanatic atsymbol gmail period com