Twixt: looking for playtesters

I have a 1.1 version of Twixt, but before I upload it, I hope to test it out.

The main thing I have added is handicapping. Do you find Twixt boring because you always win easily, or you always lose crushingly? With row handicapping, players of different strengths can both enjoy a challenge. Besides the standard board, I have added 1-row through 10-row handicap boards, all with or without diagonal guide lines on the board, a total of 22 boards.

We could play by email, or on the server. Send an email to twixtfanatic atsymbol gmail period com, and I will send you the vmod file and a vlog file, which is a record of an eight row handicap I gave to T1j, a Java Twixt engine. I welcome feedback! I want this to be a good improvement.

I uploaded the module. Please email me if you would like to play.