Two Features for 3.6.8

I was going to ask for something like this. Despite the dangers, I find it multi-edit useful sometimes and this seems like a great tweak that will help considerably with the pitfalls.

Bravo. Nice touch that last with the italics.

Now for the first of these two. The functionality is not just for me, but the Vassal module developer community as a whole.

Just wondering if the 1st of these 2 features is being looked into?
No rush. Just a like to know if this is still on the horizon?
The feature is not just for me. I feel that other developers might also like this ability.

The main problem is that it will be a tricky, messy implementation, It’s adding a special mode of operation to one out of the 5 types of Layer controls supported. Not saying it won’t be done, but it’s not an easy fix.

Thanks for the feedback. Stick that one in the list for V4. I was thinking, at the time, that as the global view toggle had this ability, it would be relatively easy. But then I’m not the person who actually does the work.