Two small problems with Arkham Horror 1.7.1

Since I’m bedded for a while, I downloaded the AH VASSAL module along with the two expansions I own (Dunwich and Revised Black Pharaoh).

I’ll say straight away that I never expected to be able to play (solo) this game on VASSAL on a 1366x768 laptop screen. Instead, I’m three games in. Well done!

The two nuisances:

  1. It doesn’t matter how many Investigators I have in play (I choose “solo” at the beginning and then from 1 to 4 Investigators) the “Phase” dialog (which I do use) always tracks eight players. This makes for an annoying “click click click click…” when, for example, I have 2 or 3 investigators but I have to click through 8 players before accessing the next Phase. Is this avoidable?

  2. It is more a curiosity than a problem, but the blank “table” area on the right of the “Spawn cup/AO cards” is an “unstable zone”: cards do not flip correctly, tokens move by themselves and so on. It happens only there. Quite funny.

Thanks again for a job well done!

1 has a quick solution: Right click the phase widget and select “Configure → Turn Number → Phase description → Configure Active Player”. There you can un-tick all unwanted players.

There exists a bug though when going backwards. For example when playing solo, back goes from player 1 to 8 of the previous phase, and then on to 1 again. Forward jumps from player 1 to 1 in the next phase as it should. This is just a small nuisance since you seldom step the phases backwards.

Thank you very much: it worked :slight_smile: