Unable to create Zones

Hi to all.

I never used Zones before and now I need to use them.

I tried to create a zone with the editor a lot of times, but this always ends in a real mess (see the picture).

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. In any event, there is a way to correct an error or to undo the last step?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Panther,

The zone editor is not one of Vassal’s better points. It was done in a hurry and never revisited and it shows. It takes a bit of getting used to for anything other than a square grid.

The things to watch out for are:

o Left-clicking anywhere on the map selects and drags the nearest point to where you clicked, so be careful of clicking randomly on the map. Try and click near where a point already exists to select that point.

o You can delete a selected point (red dot) by pressing the Delete key.

o Right-clicking creates a new point, but the way that works is a but bizarre. Regardless of whether a point is selected or not, it selects the nearest point (not nearest line) and inserts a new point at the click linked to the nearest point and one of it’s neighbors. This gives you the weird shapes you are seeing. The best way to add a new point to a line is to click near to an existing point on the anti-clockwise side and drag, don’t click in the middle of the line. If it’s not right, use del to delete.

o Don’t make life harder than it needs to be. If you are working on a hex grid and units snap to the hex centre, there is no real need to have the zone follow the hex edges, Just use a straight line that approximates the hex edges.


Hi Brent,

Thanks for your quick answer to my question.

I will make some more attempts, following your advice, even if I am seriously considering the possibility of using the other method, that of directly entering the coordinates of the vertices that delimit the zone.